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Your guide to a Digital Marketing plan continues in November

USU’s Small Business Development Center continues it’s 90 day series on developing a digital marketing plan with this week's installment discussing why you need video content.  Jazzing up your first impression is just one of the reasons. Keeping someone on your site long enough to gain some interest in what you are marketing makes all the difference. Instructor Zeus Macias has some insight into what works in today's digital marketing atmosphere. His experience and work with Youtube and Instagram qualifies him as a proven commodity in that realm. 


Next week Business Automation will be the focus of the series with Ed Markowitz. Ed works in  Business Development for Automation Edge in New York. His real world experience includes integrated IT and robotic process automation platforms designed to optimize business processes. 


Below is a brief outline of what will be discussed in the next two weeks of the series. A link below will take you to the page to register for the upcoming programs.


USU Digital Marketing Series


Video Content

Instructor: Zeus Macias

November 5, 2020, 6:00 PM (MST)


Why do you need video content? Simple, people have short attention spans. The limited amount of time you have for visitors to your website or social media requires a quick way to consumer information. Statistics show that people are more apt to engage with videos than with static text. 


Zeus Macias is co-founder of MVP Media with a team that travels the world, creating video for influencers, businesses, and non-profits. He will be instructing on how to create interactive and visual content that communicates your brand image. Learn how to develop impactful content from a purposeful message and a creative perspective. 


Business Automation

Instructor: Edward Markowitz

November 12, 2020, 6:00 PM (MST)


Do you have limited resources and a desire to grow? Businesses wasting resources like time, money, and staff on simple tasks will benefit from Business Automation. Using software and different app integrations can reduce costs, resources, and business investment. 


Learn how to automate your business by looking at your industry, business process, and company activities. This can be applied to your organization's sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resource, and information technology. 



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