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Economic Injury Disaster Loan recipients in low income communities now eligible for Targeted EIDL Advance 



The SBA sent out a packet outlining a push to put recovery money into low income communities. San Juan County businesses can check to see if they may qualify for additional monies on top of that they may have already received or are awaiting in association with an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). 


To qualify for the Targeted EIDL Advance program, businesses must be invited by SBA to apply and meet the following eligibility requirements:


1. Located in a low-income community.

2. Suffered economic loss greater than 30 percent, as demonstrated by an 8-week period beginning on March 2, 2020, or later, compared to the previous year. Applicants will be required to provide the total amount of monthly gross receipts from January 2019 to the current month-to-date.

3. Must have 300 or fewer employees.


If you were the recipient of an Economic Injury Disaster Loan you should be getting an email from the SBA with an invitation for more aid. If your business or non profit received less than $10,000.00 in aid you will be prioritized for the Targeted EIDL Advance.  


Although the funding originates as a loan, the Federal Government forgives the loan to the businesses that qualify for the help. 


This Targeted EIDL is for those who have already completed applications and were either awarded funding or did not get their application processed in the first round of aid before appropriated monies from the federal government ran out.


Businesses and nonprofit organizations with COVID-19-related losses can still apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), if they have not done so already. More information about the loan program can be found at,


Second in priority for the Targeted EIDL  are businesses that applied before December 27th 2020 but did not get an advance because funding had been exhausted by mid summer. 


On February 1st 2021 the SBA began emailing recipients who had received an advance of less than $10,000.00 in the first round of funding. Officers of the SBA are emailing other recipients in the order they feel will provide the most relief to those with less options in their ability to secure capital or loans. 


If you did apply and received funds or if you were in the group that applied but was not funded there are some things you can do to get ready for when the email does come. 


If you have not yet filed your 2019 Federal Tax Return, you should complete that process. You will also be required to provide the business’ monthly gross receipts for each month from January 2019 through the most recent month-to-date period. This information will be used to determine that your business meets the greater than 30 percent reduction in revenue requirement during an 8-week period beginning on March 2, 2020.


Applicants who meet the low-income community criteria will be asked to provide gross monthly revenue for January 2019 through the most recent month-to-date period (all forms of combined monthly earnings received, such as profits or salaries) to confirm the reduction in revenue. They may also be asked to provide an IRS Form 4506-T to allow the SBA to request tax information on the applicants’ behalf. 


To help businesses determine if they are located in a “low-income community” and potentially eligible for the Targeted EIDL Advance, SBA is making available a mapping tool at this link. SBA Mapping tool



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