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5 Questions for Jack Schons, PTAC Eastern Utah Region Manager. 


Their outreach material touts them as “Your official source for Government Contracting Assistance”. And they boast a mission statement of helping small businesses compete in the government marketplace by providing knowledgeable and outstanding customer service. Jack Shons Eastern Utah PTAC Region Manager, spent a few minutes filling us in on himself, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and what PTAC can do for businesses in San Juan County. 


What is your background and how did it land you in your current position?


Prior to PTAC I spent over 30 years working in sales, operation, and general management for a diverse group of businesses with revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million.   Most of my career has been spent in both government and construction supply as well as the energy industry.   I have worked for and with many Fortune 500 companies.  Before relocating to Price, UT I owned a  distribution business supplying a wide range of industrial goods to US government prime contractors and military bases.  My wife and I wound down our business operations and moved to Price in 2018 to care for her parents living there.  PTAC found me through USU Eastern in Price and I was lucky enough to get a position with them for which I already had plenty of experience. 


What is PTAC?


Prior to PTAC I spent over 30 years working in sales, operation, and general management for a diverse group of businesses with revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million. The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) program helps Utah businesses to find, bid and win procurement opportunities with federal, state and local government entities. This can happen in a number of ways, but most of it is through individual counseling. We also have a database that client’s are automatically enrolled in if they wish. This database can send potential project leads directly to the client’s email from government sources by listing criteria with government entities outlining what clients and their businesses are capable of. Procurement counselors provide individual counseling on all aspects of government contracting, including assistance in the initial stage of how to find the right match, how to market to the government, and how to request and prepare solicitation documents. 


How can businesses leverage this resource?


PTAC services are free.  They are provided as a service of the Utah Governor's office and the US Defense Department.  I travel all of Eastern Utah and can be of service to a business there simply through a phone call or email request.  It's about as painless as you can imagine and a typical business can be exposed to potential resources and buyers they did not know of in the past.  They don't have to realign their business to government sales.  I always suggest that we start slowly together and look at augmenting the business you already have with some government business.  PTAC can also help an entity get registered on the appropriate government websites to make it easier to apply for grants as well.


What are some highlights of PTAC activities in Southeast Utah?


In the past 18 months, there has been nearly $1 million in federal contract awards in San Juan County.  I don't think that is enough, which is why I encourage more businesses to join me in helping them get more government business.  There has been far more than that awarded in grants over the same period, which is a good thing.  In the past two-and-a-half years we've added over 100 new clients in the seven easternmost Utah counties.  We have added 30 new clients in San Juan County alone over the same period.    


How should interested businesses get involved?


Interested businesses can get involved quickly by contacting me by phone or email.  There's also a website that interested parties can access to sign up.  This information comes directly to me.  I'll follow up and we'll get started.  That website is: .


Final thoughts?


This is an easy way to expose your business to a marketplace that you may not have known existed.  There's plenty of help to get started and a PTAC representative like me is always available throughout Utah.


If you would like to learn more about PTAC or how you make get into this marketplace

Contact Jack Schons through the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. His contact information is:

 J.E. “Jack” Schons PTAC-Region Manager/ Eastern Utah

USU Eastern/ Reeves Bldg, Suite 164

Price, Utah 84501 

(435) 613-5198 or email [email protected]



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